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Visual Search for Manufacturing


Visual Search for Auto Parts and Manufacturing

Finding auto parts or manufacturing components is easier than ever before when you can simply take a picture, and do a search.

Annual growth in online parts sales is rapidly outpacing growth in physical store sales. In fact, by 2020, experts predict 90% of DIY parts consumers will start their purchase process online. Parts suppliers and automotive retailers need to get aggressive with their online strategies in order to increase revenue shares.

Likewise, components manufacturers and the customers they serve are competing in an increasingly fast-paced world. Service technicians and parts distributors need more efficient ways to identify and purchase the required materials—especially for complex components that lack standardized naming conventions.

With eyesFinder, employees or customers simply take a photo of the part in question, and quickly access matches within our database. No more tedious, text-based searches. No more guesswork about unnamed parts. Learn how visual search for auto parts and manufacturing components can improve your bottom line.

Visual search for auto parts and manufacturing components
builds satisfaction among DIY/DIFM customers,
service technicians, and inventory managers.