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Visual Search for Fashion

Visual search for retail shopping sector

Product Search Meets Visual Search:
The Latest in Mobile Apps for Retail

Today’s buyers want faster, more personalized shopping. For retailers, that means providing better in-store experiences, better online experiences, and better connections among your different channels.  Because even though online retail sales are growing, figures don’t reveal the full picture:

  • 78% of retail consumers “webroom,” by shopping online but actually buying in store.
  • 72% of retail consumers “showroom,” by purchasing online after seeing a product in person.

Retailers and brands that support cross-channel buying experiences and individualized path-to-purchase routes will engage more customers, while building loyalty and positive brand awareness.

That’s where visual search and retail product search can come together. By utilizing eyesFinder’s visual search technology on your mobile device, you’ll be able to shop the way you want to—without the hassle of text-based searching or multi-tiered website navigation. Whether you’re already in a store, or happening upon a product by chance, eyesFinder connects you with item details, purchase information, and similar products that your favorite brand may carry.

Adding visual search to your mobile device lets you take
your own photos to search and discover the products you desire.