Adding fuel to the visual search fire, TechCrunch report Image Recognition Invades Shopping As Curalate Raises $27.5M.

Pinterest. Instagram. Tumblr. The future of the web is visual, but how does anyone make money on that? By understanding what’s in the images people post and connecting them to where you can buy what you see. That’s Curalate’s job. The image recognition marketing startup just raised $27.5 million led by NEA, bringing it to $40 million in total funding.

Curalate are interesting because they offer a number of tools to vendors who want to incorporate visual search for shopping, including Fanreel (find user-generated images for a brand or product), Visual Insights (analytics about which of a brands products are being shared), and Reveal (makes images on a business website shoppable).

The key point is that brands are increasingly trying to understand their customers preferences and buying patterns, which are in turn increasingly expressed with pictures instead of words.

Consider that the most popular social sharing services like Instagram, Snapchat, and the now-venerable Facebook are all image-oriented.  And the captions which accompany those images do not necessarily describe their content; someone might post a picture of a cool automobile with the caption “amazing!”

At eyesFinder our goal is to work backward from “amazing” to the automobile in question 🙂