Text-based search engines changed the way our society finds information and solves problems.  But they haven’t been able to connect the things we see – our image-based questions – with reliable answers… until now.  With the eyesFinder application, we have developed a visual search solution that enables users to identify and locate items by simply taking a picture and doing a search.  An Apple version is available – please click here to install it – as well as an Android version – please click here to install from Google Play, or please click here to install from Amazon’s App store.


The eyesFinder App uses patented, image-analysis technology to match user-submitted photos with known objects in a given database.  It eliminates the need for searches to start with the correct term, spelling, or even a predetermined concept of what the image may represent.



Using the eyesFinder App is easy – just pick a category, take a picture, do a search, and view and share the results.  You’ll never shop on your phone the same way again 🙂