TechCrunch notes Augmented Reality For Trying On Makeup Is A Booming Business, in an article about startup ModiFace.

“Sure, that looks great on a model, but how will it look on me?” Now you can find out thanks to ModiFace, an augmented reality startup that’s quietly grown to power apps for 55 of the top makeup brands like Sephora, P&G and Unilever.


Fire up the camera on your phone or a store makeup counter’s tablet, choose different styles of lipstick, eye shadow or whatever else, and ModiFace applies them to your skin in real-time on your screen. Move around, wink and smile, and you’ll see your new style without the work or cost.


ModiFace can also simulate hair changes, anti-aging treatments and more. You can try its web, iOS and Android apps here.

What’s interesting to us is that ModiFace are using a type of visual search to identify the location of a customer’s face in a video stream, and then they measure that customers skin color and other attributes so they can simulate the effect of makeup.

This is a difficult challenge but apparently they’ve been successful, as have others:

…it’s battling Image Metrics, PhotoMetria, and other competitors. The space has heated up since Apple acquired fellow augmented reality facial tracking startup FaceShift in November.

Every day brings a new and interesting application for visual search.  Showing customers the effect of makeup is just one of them.